Thursday Evening feat bangers [not sausages]

I had passing thoughts that I might do that but I was worried that I have terrible taste in classical music.

like the few more proper classically classical sort of things I’ve enjoyed before I’ve googled around for similar things and the reviews are always like ‘rather trite and emotionally clichéd’ oh no

I think I like the sad ones

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Feel free to do it under the HGATR banner if you like?

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Had a nice time with a fox in the garden earlier, it came right over like it was going to sit in my lap at one point after seeing M and the cat do the same :two_hearts: it got scared off by m jumping up though, silly kids.

Just watched Vivo, good grief anything Lin Manuel gives me an immediate headache, might have to go to bed soon


so exciting when you see a fox, had three cubs in my garden recently and it was great

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Spaghetti al Tonno this evening.

that must be really hard to bear but think how great it will be to finally see them after this is over


You’d love it here. They hang out in the gardens all day and night :two_hearts:

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the gut microbiome having a big effect on health/mental health/developmental disorders

  • real science
  • pseudoscience
  • cowardly in-between option
  • what is

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not going to research this so it’s important that you all get this right so I don’t look like a fool

usually delicious anyway though

Chat: evening all :wave: how’s it going? cool cool
Business: making scrambled eggs on toast for dinner


Did some minor bike maintenance on Jimbo’s new bike, which has obviously earned me beer and chocolate

Fucking hell there’s a song I haven’t heard in a long time. Saw them supporting Idlewild once, that was good.

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from 1966 and it sounds it in the best ways, pure motown rhythm

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Haha yeah, not thought of Ikara Colt for ages. Loved them. Ruffers’ OP made me think of them straight away for some reason :man_shrugging:


Evening all, watching Alien and just bought a lino print. It’s kind of my first piece of more pricey art, I feel a little weird getting it without viewing it in RL but hopefully it’s as nice as it looks in the photos!

I’ve also just got back from being at my parents and I already miss my Mum like mad :cry: don’t really want to be back here tbh, sob.

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I love classical music so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ikara Colt are generally my answer for ‘bands nobody has thought of for ages’.


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Did someone say sausages?

Thursday night banger