Thursday Evening featuring giant garlic clove

Fucking look at the size of it! LOOK!


think you mean ‘onion’

Don’t ruin this for me japes. This is the best thing that’s happened to me in 2017.


It’s no


what is it going to go in?

I’m considering making some more risotto since my last one (two days ago) was pretty good and I have loads of the rice left

We have such crap garlic here. In France I bought some that were absolute giants and that justifies the fact I use 3 cloves for every 1 in a recipe, because maybe chefs are using this good giant garlic.

Watching Gruffalo again and sorting out getting to a meeting tomorrow as my nanny just cancelled and people have come from America for it so I can’t be the one to flake when I live closest to where we’re meeting.

So much work to do tonight. Help.


Going out to a fancy pants drug dinner tonight but I don’t really have anything to wear that’s in between normal work clothes and wedding outfit. Don’t really have a smart coat either :angry:.

Also, I’ve noticed that the ‘replying list’ at the bottom of the thread doesn’t match the one in the reply box :thinking:

Love me some Leon

I just went to inspect the rest of the garlic! It’s the same on the other side with a weird flat clove in the middle! The whole thing is 3 parts! JEEZO.

I was going to shove it in with some baked potatoes to roast off… seems a bit wasteful now. Might need to make something special with it.

@japes this was meant to be a response to you.

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It might not taste better though. Like how the best basil leaves are the smallest.

I like the round dent in the one on the left, I really want to smooth my thumb into it like a nice shiny conker.

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We once did some Ottolenghi burger thing which involved slow roasting garlic cloves for about 6 weeks (ottolenghi is never easy!) - bet if would be great for that

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Honey and I are watching hostel. She thinks it’s silly.


It’s the smoked garlic from Morrisons, so even if it might not taste as nice being so mammoth it still smells awesome :smiley:

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Solid garlicking there Witches

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Alright Donald Trump.

(this joke is that they are normal sized garlic cloves and you hand tiny hands)

10:13 here. Have been away from home since last Tuesday and I am really missing the TV at this point.
Got about 5 hours of meetings today so I guess that’s a distraction of sorts!

Haha. My hands are probably bigger than yours.

just had some quorn burgers, pretty great!


(I do have relatively small hands tbf, really shouldn’t have bought a long scale 5 string bass)

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