Thursday Evening featuring giant garlic clove

Beans on Toast.


I feel some chickpea curry of some kind but I agreed to cook with my housemate tonight who only eats meat and potatoes

I got quite a big un from the garlic farm place on the Nottingham Christmas market too. Not used it yet.

Fish chips and beans. Couple of beers, masterchef. Bed.

Burrito on the way.


just catching up with how transphobic everyone is

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Have I said before that the UK Netrunner community is obsessed with this guy? His name’s Glazebrook. People have made custom alt art cards with him on them.

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Today I’ve had!
3 biscuits.
Ooh a new see-who’s-replying thing without opening the reply box. We don’t need that.


i hope one day i find someone that looks at me like that old man looks at his big onion


Can someone Photoshop the Balonz balloon here

Has he got his own Second Breakfast style card made in his honour?

Surely the man looking at japes.


Making toads in holes for tea.

Then probably have a beer and watch something on the telly.

Evening all.

Got an invite to the wedding of someone I hate today. Was hoping it would be one of them mid weeks do’s so I could gracefully decline but no such luck.

Spent all day on an assignment today and my laptop just crashed. I hope I saved recently :persevere:

I’d do it myself but (a) I’m on my phone and (b) my MS Paint has upgraded itself and now I don’t know how to do a freeform select and cut.

Oh god the document had some error thing in it and its not saved my most recent save. Literally hours of work just fucked aaargh.

WRITING MY ARTICLE!!! (Which was due yesterday)

:smiley: :hugs:

Gonna be a #topneighbour and grit the car park before it turns icy overnight too.

Mainly because I don’t want no clumsy fool sliding into my car.