Thursday Evening featuring giant garlic clove


Oh god the document had some error thing in it and its not saved my most recent save. Literally hours of work just fucked aaargh.


WRITING MY ARTICLE!!! (Which was due yesterday)


:smiley: :hugs:


Gonna be a #topneighbour and grit the car park before it turns icy overnight too.

Mainly because I don’t want no clumsy fool sliding into my car.


Do we all believe the reports of snowmageddon tomorrow? Got to drive to glasgow and not fancying it.


so freaking tired, might go to bed at 9

ate a shit ton of chickpea curry, am putting on so much weight since my medication changed but i can’t stop eating, i even want to dig into some crisps right now despite feeling full

what else? my job is going pretty well, i’m busy busy busy which is all right i guess


Got the day off tomorrow. Gonna see my son’s xmas play then we’re driving up to yorkshire for the weekend (hoping to get stranded by snowmageddon so dont have to go to work on monday)

Edit: oh yeah, tonight! Drink beer, watch curb


Looking at lampshades for a gaudy lamp the TV has inherited. Currently looks like this…

But buggered if I know if anything will suit it. Quite like this…

But it won’t arrive by Christmas and I’m not sure it fits suits the lamp. #lampchat


remember driving up the m6 once in thick snow and it was fucking awful

if no one else was on the road it would have been fine, you’ve just got to watch out for idiots (ie everyone else)


Dark blue or grey I reckon


Yeah I have also done this and truthfully should’ve stopped. Might reassess the situation tomorrow night, just don’t really want to drive on Saturday either.


I’d try not to pick anything that takes away from that really lovely base. Pick a bold colour, don’t go for anything patterned would be my advice.


Ta man. I’m no good at this malarkey


Looks like a job for @witches.

I do like the base a lot, great colours.


I fucking love that.


I’m in some wanky wine bar in St Pancras drinking a beer on a barrel waiting for my train. Beer selection is good though.


I’d go for a bright deep rich orangey red shade maybe! That’s just me tho.


hello all,

Was gonna go to the gym but absolutely can’t be fucked. so now roasting loads of tomatoes with garlic and basil :slight_smile:
gonna catch up on some masterchef later.


She says with her massive orangey red avatar.


Certainly crossed my mind