Thursday Evening featuring giant garlic clove


Haha, I’d maybe go subtle too. Would try a few colours!! I’ve been looking for a nice lamp for ages!!


He actually does but I can’t find it. I’ll look harder.






I’m in a bad mood
I found out today that I didn’t get the travel grant I applied for to come to Blighty & do a week in a studio in Margate that I’d been invited to do in February…it means I probably won’t be able to do it now :confused:

Also, some absolute joker in Spain who bought a mint, sticker sealed, 7” picture disc of Bowie’s Starman off me for €300 has broken the seal & is claiming a full refund via PayPal & accusing me trying to rip him off, saying that it wasn’t sealed, that I had ‘pasted down’ a previously opened seal and it opened by itself when he opened the package - absolute wanker


Can’t believe I know of and recognise this.


Still at work, got in at 10:40 but still


thinking about thinking about starting my christmas shopping


Evening, had fishcakes they were top.
Still writing job application as I’ve decided it’s mostly guff and I keep forgetting things. Need to get it done by tomorrow. :cold_sweat:

Also need to prepare for a meeting. I’ve pretty much worked every night this week :expressionless:

Got some Carpenter Brut on though.


With that whole mid century East German glaze you need to go yellows for authenticity’or bamboo. It’s a bit too “tiki” for my liking tbh but it’s all down to the shape of the shade more than anything. You could just go navy blue but it needs to be big and fat I think to match that base.


Yassss carpenter brut!!!


That’s my attempt at the synthy doom sound at the start of roller mobster.


Went to John Lewis with my mum for free Prosecco and a mince pie on discount evening
Told her salacious Countdown gossip
Got a mega Chinese full of BIG BEEFY CHUNKS and GINGER and SPRING ONIONS and rewatching the blimp episode of Archer
Masterchef later



i think the lack of pints in Spain will kill me. Everything is served in halves or stubby bottles.


:smiley: Absolutely lose my mess to that one. Banger to end all bangers.

I like the weird “YYYYEEEEEEEEEYYYYYEEEEE” synth-scream on Wake Up The President best.

Going to see him/them/it in March next year. I’m expecting it to be the best electro-metal-disco ever.


Amazing. I went to see Perturbator recently! Was v. good.


Faaaaack. It’s not too late m9, Peckham will welcome you with open arms.


I reckon sipping a couple of cold bottles > sipping a pint tbh


Was that last month? How was it? I saw he was touring, but it was around the time I was watching the :moneybag:

Really like the recent EP, New Model - proper Blade Runner-esque dystopian stuff.


I’m a pintman though :frowning:


Yeah it was good, not as good as the time I saw him previously. But I reckon that’s just because I didn’t enjoy the venue as much. Also the support was the worst thing I’ve seen in my whole life. He was great as ever tho :smiley:


I had a big garlic once.