Thursday Evening featuring giant garlic clove





eugh my grandad is back in hospital again… not really a good way to phrase it but i kind of hope he doesn’t go on for too much longer? he’s just in and out of hospital all the time and when he’s at home, he’s alone for most of the day watching TV he doesn’t enjoy and wearing adult nappies and knocking over cups of tea and getting stuck on the toilet. i can’t stand to think about it. i feel evil for even thinking like that though especially as i know i could never care for my parents if they got to that stage


watching rejected marriage proposals on youtube

what the hell is wrong with me


that sounds amazing gonna go watch that thanks


bf is watching the ARS BATE so got to entertain myself


Should I go and see Jamie Lenman or go home and eat a Tesco finest ready meal and carry on watching the good place

  • The former
  • The later

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that sucks, what a crappy day :frowning:

People can be such dicks over money. How is he going to be able to prove any of that to paypal though? Surely you’ll be ok there??


Via a wee bit of columboing I believe they were called Hypno5e which in itself is awful. It was just like they gathered all the awful things you can do musically and smooshed them all together.


So…the Mars Volta then?



Just opened up a bog old box of books that form a large proportion of my family’s Christmas presents. I picked out a bunch of classics from my brother’s list so I managed to get him any impressive stack for not much money, I love that you can get a big lengthy thing like The Brothers Karamazov for £2.

Seriously having trouble resisting buying a lot more books right now. Mostly picture books which I could say are for my son, but he has plenty so they are more for me at this stage.

Books are great, aren’t they? Can someone please get me a job in a bookshop. A quiet one.


In a right grump tbh. Pretty sure it’s the news that’s put me here as well, feel like we’re going to hell in a handcart. Why can’t people just be a bit kinder and think of each other a bit more? Feeling like an over privileged ungrateful twat.

Tomorrow is going to be a shitter at work as well, for a million reasons. Still, only got a week left after that.

Pity party, yay :tada:


really find it hard to decide which is worse, prog rock or ska-punk.


sprog punk


pog spunk


Preferred Boglins myself, tbh.


but enough about the netrunner tournament


hello. i’m a bit drunk. i need to shower and eat but i just want to go to sleep. can someone bathe and feed me pls?


it’s a mess - he’s taken pictures…he’s claiming it arrived like this

I sent it like this

he’s claiming it was pasted down - total bullshit

PayPal have adjudicated in his favour that I will refund him the full amount ‘if he returns it in the condition it was sent’ which is obviously impossible but the guy is gonna send it back and claim the money and we’re gonna go around the merry-go-round again



that is a huge bummer. Don’t really get the point of collectable stuff though, value is pretty arbitrary.

Not to detract from your financial problems or annoyance in this case at all though