Thursday Evening Fun

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m happy and toasty because I picked up my onesie from home yesterday and have had it and the fire on all day. Also got a new coat delivered today to fill the gap between technical jacket and work coat, I’m very happy with it.

Had an onion bahji and chicken spinach bake thing from m&s for tea. Going to stay warm and watch Hunted.

What are you up to, what are you eating, how likely is it you’ll get snowed in tonight?


Bloody hell I managed to start an evening thread without someone else starting one too.


in bed. ate/drunk some soup. had to convince my increasingly hypochondriac housemate he doesn’t have pleurisy. not going into work tomorrow.

First of all, I’m delighted with your clothing and food situation.

I’ve just this last few moments got home. And already have my place under my cat secured for a while.

I also just want to say how much i love these boards and all of you who post on here, and hope any ill feeling about the boards are moved on from. Anyway, none of that in here, please. It’s almost the weekend again!


Just got to the gym

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today was the first time loads of little kids experienced snow.


Think about that.


I’m sitting in my childhood bedroom, reading music books and listening to music very loudly. Feels like I’ve gone back in time!

Meeting some ATDs for pints later, funeral stuff doesn’t start until tomorrow.

Unlikely that we’ll get snowed in, Clonmel rarely experiences heavy snow.


I got a lift home from work from a director as he lives quite near me, which was nice.

I think he was panicking over the predicted snow, but the lift was appreciated.

I booked some train tickets to Doncaster earlier for football, visiting Leeds the next day.

Leeds based DiSers, recommendations on things to do, please.

Quite want cake or something. Don’t want to go outside though and there’s no cake (or something) in the house.

There is no solution to this situation that I’m happy with.

do you like sludge beers

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:wave: evening Leafy. Picked a good few days to not keep up with DiS huh. Hope everyone is well. Gonna make some… curry? Maybe

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Going to see Malcolm Middleton gig in town.
Off work tomorrow too :grinning:

hey there folks


I do like beers.

Bake one

Power cut at our place. It’s cold, dark and dinners half cooked, so I’m off to McDonald’s.

Ouch. Does heating still work if your power goes off? I hope so.

just made myself a really tasty bowl of pasta, i made way too much but finished it all anyway.

still feeling fairly lousy but hopefully back to work tomorrow. very lazy night ahead.