Thursday Evening Fun


Your evening plan sounds rad, rest is always a good shout!


Evening all. I am not toastie as the boiler had dropped pressure so the heating wasn’t on when I got in. Just had to ring my brother (previous occupant) as the set up isn’t anything like the one in the manual. Back up and running now though.




Really shitty photo mind.


Would love to see your onesie, Laelfy!

I had a rubbish day at work. Really fed up.
Stayed an hour and a bit past when I should have left because it’s EOM and my wonderful colleagues apparently don’t have any respect for me or my time.Grrrr.

Going to eat leftover pasta thing from Saturday (might die but it’s so delicious it’d be worth it) and lots of veg.

Hope everyone’s having a good evening…


Here’s a link to a photo of it. Onesies are the best except for when you want to go to the toilet in a cold room.


IN the office, waiting for the last document to come through for me to check and get signed and then I am going to sell a company, wwwwooooopp. Hoping the clients don’t want to hang around (given cold weather and distance they’ve got to travel home) and I’m already dreaming about what I might eat when I get home, probably not until about 10pm right enough, hmph.


Get some nice food for the train home?


Awesome! Yeah onesies have theier pros and cons for sure…
I have a fox one with a big tail, that get’s in the way a lot.


Thanks to some chat about dentistry on here earlier, I decided to dig out the ol’ home dentistry kit and de-plaque my own teeth, and now they feel WEIRD


Vincent’s birthday!

Been out and had…

He’s excited as he got a Fitbit and a new ball.

I am now under a blanket with tea and a bit more Aussie instant Hotel thing.


You had an @ericV special!


got a reply to my letter before action from my former housemate, it offers about 90% of the money he owes me (£500ish), but includes a lot of nasty swipes about me. do I accept the offer, or respond with four years of beeve and I guess potentially jeopardise repayment.

don’t know why I’m asking, know what i’m going to do


Might get a highly overpriced/ train station franchise-priced BK!!!


think the most important thing is to post everything to the boards

(hope you get your money back ttf)


Money and run, and put it all behind you knowing that he’s the snipey cunt, not you x


accept the money (presuming he hasn’t stated it’s a full and final settlement) then take him to court anyway*

*i am not a lawyer


roll him up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge


Yes, slickster :fist:

Anyone tuning in for Hunted tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm?


on second thoughts do this instead @ttf