Thursday Evening is for the dissers

what’s going on?

got fnc for dinner


Prepare for a thorough critique

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Watching the Mr Bean animated series, and have ordered Jnr a McDonald’s from Deliveroo because I am the worst mother of all time, I’m both counts.

Got some work to do tonight but seems unlikely

Got a big pot noodle. Working my way through noodles and potatoes at the moment.

In a pub garden with a book waiting for the right time to go and see DiS’ Premier cycle wanker.

I’m in looooondoooooon


What chosen activity will replace it?

The rain managed to last exactly from leaving work to arriving home, stupid summer

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Where we goin then?

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Only got five days off innit!!!


The time period of evening is subjective, but it is often socially considered to start around 5pm[1] or 6pm or shortly before sunset

stick that up your dojo.

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Composing riddles


We’re bribing The Child to eat beans out of a chilli by pausing Bounce Patrol videos until she eats a spoonful.

You’re doing fine.


Bribing is the only parenting I know. Honestly dont know how people do it otherwise!

My limited understanding of behaviour is that none of us doing anything unless we get something in return; the only difference with bribery is that the gain is a bit more obvious.


might be a stalinist parent. ‘unless you eat your beans, we will relocate you to a family in siberia’ or something.

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all toys to be appropriated and redistributed by the party (parent) unless bean eating reaches acceptable levels of productivity.


Working late but no work left to do

Got pasta to heat up for dinner soon, wish it would be 7 already so I can eat

Went to Dartmouth, did the M&S-Lidl-Sainos triangle. Got some fancy M&S burger sauce so gonna cook a load of mince and tip it over that and some wedges, should be alright. Not much else going on, it’s my Sunday night.

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