Thursday Evening is for the dissers

interested in a photo of this.

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The guy behind me on the train did an audible fart… I then heard his girlfriend mutter “fucksake!”

Obviously I then got the giggles to the extent that they could see that my shoulders were shaking with laughter :smiley: so I turned round and he was like “that made your day, didn’t it?!”

I’m 8 years old.


It’s going in burger buns with some cheese. I’ll see how photogenic it is.

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nice to see @Epimer though?


On an overheated train

Had to kick an elderly man out of my seat :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

interesting choice of emoticon

It looks a bit more shameful and less smirky on the emoji keyboard, look



looked like ‘mischievous giggle’ my end :smiley:

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Running home from work, eating leftover pasta, mixing some music, going to bed. Decent thursday imo.

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Gosh, if it was an Epimer ripper I don’t think I could have hung around to make conversation


Just back from walking Jackson.
Now cooking up a bunch of veg for my dinner and that’s about that.
Might sit out in the sun if it hangs about for a bit.

If they were absolutely vile last night why on Earth are you having them again?

Mate life’s too short

Man after my own heart. If you don’t like something, get rid of it by eating it.


Beans Make The People Strong!

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Dinner time! :metal:

I think next door’s cat isn’t my pal any more :frowning_face:

He bloody loves my gf though, doesn’t he. Capricious wee bastard.

Invite them out for a saucer of milk and some tuna to smooth things over

She gave him a bit of tuna yesterday. He’s lost to me.

No milk in this house, obviously.

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Un DiSer massacred.