thursday evening lockdown something something

areet? wuu2?

having burritos and beer for tea. catch up on bake off. that’s about it. gonna try and get an early night tonight but I know I wont.

any plans? owt on the telly?

hi eric

gonna make some crispy seaweed


lovely. big fan of CS.


I’ve lit the BBQ. It’s not that warm out here though (garden totally in shade at this time)

We’ll probably watch more Devs later


No idea why this was a reply to @Tuna !

had a lovely day in my beanbag armchair
listening to the good Talking Heads albums - closely - which is something I’ve not done in ages (been able to do far more analytical listening recently and its really opening up some old favourites)
Played some Animal Crossing and Shantaee and The Pirates on the switch

Been really pleasenta and medative, didnt realise taking a days leave whilst working from home could be so rewarding

oh mah gahhh i’m well jelly of your bbq. what i’d give for a burger and a tin of cold lager.



Just did some :weight_lifting_man:
Making daal for tea
Wire S3

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Is devs good? Think I want to watch it…

Which film(s) should I watch tonight?

  • Deadwood Park (Amazon)
  • The Boat (Amazon)
  • Breaking In (Netflix)
  • A Good Women Is Hard To Find (Sky)

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Not familiar with any of those :man_shrugging:

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First 2 episodes have been decent

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Just did me Joe Wicks workout. Did a time lapse video and set it to a Gabba remix of The Chicken Dance by DJ Donna Summer



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All right all right. Everyone pumped up for the NFL Draft or what??


Had a bad couple days eating wise. Need to get back with it from tomorrow. Still have pizza and garlic bread in the fridge though

Alright. Finishing work in a sec. Kiev and wedges with peas for tea. It’s my Friday night, so may have a few tins of the ol’beer.

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is it like a raffle?

Hi Neil :wave:

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I’m also interested in the answer to this question