Thursday Evening/Night Thread

Alright? I’m absolutely worn out, as usual. Getting to the stage where I might have to go and see the doctor about it. Got a Morrisons chicken katsu pizza & garlic bread for tea though so all is not lost. Need to put the bins out and then that’s about it for Thursday.

I was going to hang out with my kid and eat a burger on my day off today. Instead I had an argument with my partner (my fault) and we didn’t go out and I felt miserable. Ordered some pity chips instead.

Wow, it’s that late? I’ve been packing all day. Gonna do some final bits, tidy up, have a shower, have a fucking takeaway and then go to sleep.

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Finished packing the house up just about.

Took the dog round to the in-laws.

Had a spicy chicken and nduja pizza + garlic bread pizza for tea.

Off to see Bloc Party shortly. Hope they play stuff from Silent Alarm and only stuff from Silent Alarm.


I just bought some delicious freezer food from Lidl:

Thank you @Gnometorious for letting me know it is Greek week.


Mrs F has got an nduja pizza so between us we’ve got the same as you.


I also have a nduja pizza for dinner!


Thursday Pizza Club. Going to be a thing from now on.

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Just misheard my wife and thought Ray the otter had died

Was thinking about going to see rolling coastal blackout fever but I don’t actually know any of their songs so will probably just sit here deflating.

Ham & pineapple pizza for tea.

Freaking out a bit but that’s just cos I’ve over done it this week I think. If anyone can lock me in the house Friday and Saturday it’d be appreciated.

Gonna try and watch the newest ghostbusters and not nod off

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Love shit like this.
It’s actually 24 degrees there right now, so nowhere near hotter than Hell.

It’s fucking Greek Week :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Anyway going to raid Lidl tomorrow, got back from Portugal today. Don’t know where these stories about chaos at Manchester Airport have come from the rumour is someone has been getting greedy on the packaged holiday side was through security within 30 minutes on the way out and was watching the Easyjet planes take off from JetPark 3 within 90 minutes today.

Portugal was nice first time away since 2018 could have done with more restaurant eating but the yongest hasn’t started sleeping through yet so we were a bit snookered to café lunches. Also watching from a far all the news I really do now hate this awful little island.

Curry from the posh place for tea at least.

Ridiculously busy day at work again. Had a day off yesterday which didn’t help.

Making a toad in the hole for dinner again. It’s definitely my comfort food.

4hrs to go. Woo

:mage: night

Can’t really be arsed if I’m honest

Just googled nduja. Not sure what I was expecting, but probably not that.

Nduja, ‘duja, ‘duja wanna?

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Ffs it’s just started pissing down. Don’t particularly want to pay for a taxi but here we are…