Thursday evening of the 5th

For some reason I thought it was Wednesday. It’s been one of those weird weeks.

I am therefore simultaneously delighted and weirded out that it’s Friday tomorrow

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At work :sob:

I’m up to Platinum II on Rocket League so that’s nice isn’t it

Will go to my pals tonight to watch the Love is Blind Reunion episode and pretend I’m watching it for the first time (couldn’t resist earlier)

thank you for your evening thread dedication tilty!

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we should have a DiS rocket league match some time shouldn’t we?

On a delayed train due to flooding. The carriage currently smells of alcohol handsanitiser.


Just got an e-mail about a job opening in Dubai. Would it be rude to e-mail back saying I’d literally rather die than live there?


Probably just going to sit in the dark feeling pretty shit tbh.


I am on my way home from the horses. Had a nice sunny ride first, then practiced my driving skills:

Quite cold now so gonna have a nice hot shower and then some lovely pizza. :sunglasses:

Edit: ffs sideways pic
Edit2: yessss fixed it


got a crunchie in the fridge if that will cheer you up

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I love horses, it’s a shame they are a bit Tory around here, lovely creatures


Yeah I’m so glad it’s not generally such a posh thing here!

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Days been stressful as fuck, so popped into my wee Local place for some wine. gonna head home shortly to drink more wine and make some dinner.
Fly out to Dublin tomorrow for a night before getting the train to cork to go see Girl Band and meet up with DiS legend @Kallgeese :grinning::+1:


I remember being really depressed in my teens and I lived on a country lane and there were horses in the field further down and I would go down and pet them it was very therapeutic


looks like you crashed lol


They’ve definitely been very therapeutic for me as well over the years. One of those horses (the spotty one) is sometimes used for therapy riding and it’s such a great thing to witness

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Just hanging out with a tiny king nbd


do horses have their own personalities? I bet if you are around them enough you would notice that like with dogs.

good to see animals and their human friends being happy together, my mate sometimes sends me pictures of his budgie and it’s always so happy and chirping