Thursday evening snowmania thread



How’s it going?

I’ve had to postpone a date tonight due to adverse weather. Me getting a girl to agree to go out with me is probably rarer than snow so I’m kinda irked by this tbh


What are you up to?


wish i’d never opened the ginger thread, that moth has done me in. gonna eat some soup and play the TERRIBLE silent hill game i’m crawling through at the minute.


The ginger moth was cute but the other one made me feel uneasy


Guys I feel almost happy today.

It’s a miracle!


Snow’s on.

About to watch Bart vs Australia, which might be my favourite thing ever.


but you’re a catch?!?!

just got in, i’ve been in and out of the cold since 12 and my big toe hurts and i’m thinking about making a splint. also spent all of 20 minutes brushing the dogs beard. glamorous life. need to think about eating something too.


I’m quite boring


aren’t we all, here


I’m now the proud owner of some bungee ropes. Proper grown-up.


@1101010 @JDonBalonz


Are you going bungee jumping?


really fancy a curry after that thread.


The moth thread? I’ll be honest I looked at the pictures and didn’t read the words, was someone talking about curry?


err no, the curry thread


Sadly not! I’m helping to deliver a sofa.


I’m shattered. First week back at work hasn’t been too bad but I’m exhausted now. Still have to plan something for Nat 5 tomorrow too.

Ate a fairly boring veggie stir fry for evening meal but want to eat all the biscuits too.


me too. would make one but i’m on an exclusion diet again and the recipe book i want to use is IN THE SHED


That is a very grown up thing you’re right


are you excluding sheds from your diet?


onion, garlic, pulses, sheds…