Thursday evening, so it is

Hello. Tell me and your other internet pal about your evening plans. And maybe about how your day has been?

I’m really, really bummed about the disagreements we are having here at Horse Farm Ltd. My last day is on Sunday and only a week ago I was dreading it, but now I just want to finish and go home asap. But I’m also safe in the knowledge that I am right and they are being dickheads, so that’s something.

Going to go out to the kitchen so make some dinner soon. Just trapped by bed + laptop atm.

Hi @whiterussian, all

I’m trying to avoid a disagreement with the wife because I bought four relatively expensive bottles of natural wine on a whim the other day and when she found out how much they cost went a bit mad because “you don’t even like wine” so I had to insist that I did and would really enjoy them. The thing is, I’ve cracked open a bottle now and think she might be right, I’m not sure I do like wine and just convinced myself I did because I was watching Fuck That’s Delicious and Action Bronson made it all sound REALLY APPEALING. So now I have to neck four bottles to save face even though I’d rather just have a nice beer or something. Also I don’t think I should trust Action Bronson’s opinion on food or drink because he’s stoned all the time so that’s going to make anything taste good right?


The bastards :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Have you given it time to breathe, like Blu Cantrell and Seany Paul advised you to do?





a rare moment of upbeat mood tonight since i got asked to come back to that job that got rid of me at the start of lockdown. quite glad I didn’t tell them to fuck off when they did that, in hindsight.

gonna drink some beers and maybe a henry westons.



Oven chips, chicken nuggets and beans for dinner because why not?

The other half is out later, so you’ll probably have to put up with me wittering on more than usual later.

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What colour is your wine?

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Alright. Had quite a relaxing day. Pie, chips and peas for tea and a liberal dollop of dread for pudding.

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Inside the flat working - sunny
Leaving the flat - sunny
Arriving at the park - sunny
Sitting down to read - windy and cloudy


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Very bad day where I ended up hacking a bunch of my hair off because I couldn’t stand the heat anymore, on top of some other less pleasant emotions. Really fucked it up badly. Need the temperature to drop significantly if I want to leave the house because I’ll need to be able to wear a hood (unless I have an epiphany about a hat that won’t make me feel too self conscious)

Haven’t been able to have dinner and struggling to think of anything I could eat after R gets to sleep, let alone anything I could sort in time to join film club. Can’t cope out of routine like this.

@whiterussian I’m sorry the horse bosses are being so bad :frowning:

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OH. It’s white.

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Love finding a new offie within walking distance, feels like a whole new world of opportunities.


really enjoyed your story and then your exchange with @keith thank you :heart:


Or perhaps a slice of dread pudding? like bread pudding

(sorry about the dread x)


I’ve never had bread pudding

have a cider, have two, it’s not even 7!

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Hello WR and everyone :wave:

I have eaten a twister.

Apart from that today can go jump out the window. Might repot some of my plants because it’s something that might distract me from wallowing :roll_eyes:


It has a large variation in quality but it can be really great.

My nan made the best bread pudding, so warmly spiced and always just the right level of soggy. Also made a great summer pudding which I keep thinking about lately and missing. She was a master of puddings :cry: