Thursday evening, so it is

Are you serving it out the fridge? Let it warm up a bit.

In contrast one of the prevailing memories of my nan was her literally giving me money for cigarettes when I was 10, I had to be like uhhh I can’t smoke yet


mug move tbh should’ve pocketed the cash


It has a great variation from the same tray even. Give me a middle bit over an edge bit any day of the week.

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Liked for the twister

:hugs: For the rest of the post xx


Oh dear, how about a scarf or hair band to help with the hair situation?

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I will! On glass number two and enjoying it more although it is going straight to my head.

I am a putting on a real show for the wife, as far as she’s concerned I’m drinking pure angels nectar and saying things like “I really like how the honey tones overlay the dryness.” Might need to tone it down a bit on reflection.


Lots of people replying at the same time, WOOOO!


Making curry.

@hankscorpio reminds me of when MrS though he was splashing out getting me tenner bottle for my birthday. Didn’t like to tell him the ocado bill is big for a very wine based reason :smile:

Going to watch some telly I guess this evening then go to bed early as we are heading off to the beach again tomorrow.


Depends on mood, middle for moistness, edge for crispness

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Might have a scarf somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it :crossed_fingers:


Got asked this morning if I could do “the tofu” for dinner tonight. I said yes. There is one tofu dish that we make - it’s tofu ribs. It’s delicious. I made it, and was met by “…oh. I thought you were going to make green bean casserole.” Apparently “that also has tofu in it”. Aye but we’ve never made it and the tofu isn’t a primary ingredient, so it’s not really “the tofu”, is it.

Also, the washing was put out to dry at around 4 o’clock because someone - not naming names - is a bit obsessed with drying washing outside, even though it was basically done. Well, it started pissing it down while we were on the phone to the mortgage advisor and guess who had to run out and get it in? This may shock you: NOT the person who is obsessed with putting washing outside.

Also now my knee is totally fucked and I have to literally crawl up the stairs. So that’s good.

how many penoid tournaments would I need to fix for you to send this over


If someone told me to do “the tofu” I’d probably just assume they wanted it pressed ready for them to use.

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Thanks slicky :hugs:

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It’s dead easy tbf. Coat tofu in 2:1 mixture of vegetable oil and soy or tamarind sauce, bake in oven at 180 for 15 minutes on each side, then pour over rib sauce and bake for another 15 minutes.

Rib sauce is veggie stock, cornflour, soy/tamarind sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha, garlic powder, hoisin sauce, liquid smoke. Simmer for 5 minutes to thicken before pouring over tofu.

tl:dr seven


It is Thursday after all.

Its rammed in here, let’s go somewhere else.

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m9 that sounds incredibleeeeeeee

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In context, she doesn’t “do” tofu prep so I could discount that interpretation.

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