Thursday evening, so it is

Way ahead of you there.

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Can smell someone else cooking dinner downstairs and I’m stuck up here for bedtime with a stomach shouting for food I can’t get :frowning:

I fried my aubergines in coconut oil for pasta as I’ve ran out of olive oil.

Was pretty good

playing blood bowl, drinking beer

gonna make a jackfruit burger and chips after

I’m sure there was a post in here a moment ago that isn’t here now :face_with_monocle:

Week off work, back at my parents’ in the country and it’s nice having a garden in this weather. Lovely long country walk earlier including a walk around the local lough


Got pizza and ice cream from the coop mega deal but don’t want to eat either now, can I donate them to one of you?

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not to be massively dense but … is that an Irish version of a loch (or vice versa)?

i like it either way

It is!

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I’d take them :raised_hand:

Annoying I don’t have a coop local to me anymore, would be all over those deals

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Margherita and cookie dough ice cream ok with you?

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Absolutely :yum:

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I’m making curry and listening to spoon and drinking the last beer in the fridge (unless you count the alcohol free ones I bought by mistake or the one someone gave me that I hate

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Did manage to have some dinner in the end. Now: Sopranos + Ben and Jerry’s in bed. Don’t have anything on until 2pm tomorrow.


The latest episode of me making takeaway curries at home has just gone up. Tonight’s is pasanda and it’s sensational.


This one ACTUALLY tastes like takeaway and you better fucking believe it


That looks absolutely banging mate.

Ive got the onset of a headache, no doubt thanks to this inclement weather.

Also feel like crying for no reason at all.

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Would you like a pizza and some ice cream?

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Far too many times this year have I posted about my laptop grinding to a halt because it’s installing ANOTHER batch of updates

Windows ya sod

I’m so gonna make some of this ‘gravy’ you speak of