Thursday evening talk



waiting on our flight. people are doing that inexplicable thing where they line up desperate to get on. it says it’s due to leave 20 minutes late but they’re all standing about as if we might be about to board on time. I really really don’t get these people. it’s not going to leave without you petal.


Just finished work ain’t I


I’ve never got this. Is it just the brits absolute desire to queue that results in this?!


If you’re flying with a budget airline: it’s the airline’s fault for charging to put your bag in the hold. People want to get on first so there is space to put their bag in the cabin bit.

If you’re flying with a posh airline: Posh people are twats.


In my brother’s gaff, smoking a bit and watching ‘Rick and Morty’. Have to buy all my beer for the festival soon, can’t see myself not drinking some of it.


Going to a pub quiz with the TV, my sister and her boyfriend. Should probs be working instead but ascii shrug


Love a pub quiz. First thing to do is work out which team are your mortal enemies and do everything you can to beat them.


Oophft, just found some tablet from my cousins wedding. YES! IN MY FACE.


yeah it’s a budget one but idk why people care that much about their luggage going in the hold…

I quite often don’t pay for the hold but if I have booze or something I will ‘volunteer’ to put my rucksack in the hold for free. people aren’t as smart as me, clearly.


Gonna stumble into town just like a sacred cow.


dont think it’s many brits. just people who like standing up for long periods of time.


I care about it going in the hold because it means I can’t make a swift exit when leaving and sometimes baggage is delayed :confused: That is my only reason for queuing anyway, I agree that it’s pretty silly.




Gonna have some pints with 2 atds. Wfh tomorrow so who knows what next.


I’m having some pints, but on my own ^5


Come to deptford m8.


Not sure where that is but sounds proper shit :wink:


Editing the results for tomorrow’s quiz. Fuck me it’s harder than I thought.


I ever see you in SE landan, you’re DEAD!!!