Thursday evening then ffs

come on then. what you doing, eating, thinking?

oi @Ruffers what you up to on saturday night?

Friend is up from London so we’re gonna grab some food and vino.
Fucking starving nowright enough and they don’t arrive till back of 8.

got a skype meeting at 9pm (aussies) so fuck thursday evening

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Really really tired as I was out late last night. Gonna try to keep going for like two more hours and then go to bed.

Hoping to have confirmed tomorrow that I will be the editor of the festival catalogue for a pretty big film festival over here so that’s cool. It’s like 2-3 months work if so.


Just had spaghetti and prawns. Was a bit shit.

Pub in a bit.

Evening all. Feel a bit too full, unlike this train.
On the other hand, I’ve used :birthday: money to buy a great pair of walking boots and I’ve a double bill of Charles Watson (the Slow Club Guy) and The Go! Team tonight, so I think that’s a win.

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Still at work.:-1: Going straight into town in a bit to go out for dinner.:+1: Might have some cocktails if I’m feeling fancy. :+1:

Eaten most of an Indian snack selection for 4 + some daal.

Daal was :100:, snacks were standard.


Daal is some fucking great stuff, man


Had a lovely afternoon walk around local NT place.

Then got my hair cut, undercut BACK so am in full rock mode.

Made some delicious Quorn best of British sausage, mash, caramelised leeks and carrots. Now too full to move.


Which NT place is this?


Best part was the man in front of me trying to scan his Waitrose card in the parking machine. I told him that they don’t do free coffees…how we laughed!!



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great tree, there

Had to have the same as yesterday as I worked too late, so only time to bung the quickest thing in the oven. As I’m going to see Mark Thomas thing in Edinburgh.

Thinking @cutthelights is a good lad as I left my hat in the pub on Tuesday and he is meeting me with it.

And wish I had time to get a coffee but I will probably need to wait for an interval.

WFH tomorrow but actually have work to do which is bad news


Finishing off my work then gonna tidy the house as we’ve got friends coming up tomorrow for the weekend. TV is cooking a butternut squash and sausage stew.

Could grab you something in pret if you want

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Hey AT,

My flatmate told me his a climber yesterday, after 6 months of living together, can’t believe he has been keeping this from me.