Thursday Evening - Thor'sday Thor at work

Bits of rain, rumbles of thunder.

Burger for tea, World at War on TV.


Pizza and chips round at my mum and dad’s new house. Back to work tomorrow so keeping the dread at bay for a few more hours. Cheers!


I’ve started tonight exactly how I started last night. Beer (2nd) in my local.
Expect entirely the same chat :grinning:


lousy smarch weather


pizza and chips for dinner, watching repeats of Bullseye. doesn’t get better than this.

(it does)

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About to get soaked arent i

Not much better though!

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Going to put a ready meal in the microwave then do a rain dance in the garden.

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Summer holidays are here!!

Cooking some potato salad and Quorn things, wine imminent.

Going to bump the Florida thread v soon.


noticed O2 had something in my pending transactions, was all set to give them hell as I left them in june, turns out it is a refund for some reason. chicken kiev for dinner, one with pepper corn sauce though, skeptical

Pesto chicken salad. It’s very hot outside.

I’m at a community meeting think about some proposed waterworks and there’s only three of us here - feel quite sorry for the guys doing it. Not the best evening for it.

Just got my application in for the job at work I’m going for :sunglasses: :muscle:

Never going to get it but I MIGHT AS WELL TRY



  • Aff
  • Oan
  • Never mind taps, nae bottoms

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Still at work so unable to get even the slightest bit naked :cry:

Not with that attitude


Feel like i should take the evening off after all the shitposting i did today. See you tomorrow!

I’ve taken the executive decision that we’re not reheasal and I’m not not drinking, so having a nice evening. Wine in the garden is definitely a valid pursuit.


sad end for harry in hollyoaks

The temperature dropped 6 degrees on the drive home so it feels a lot less sticky.

Shepherds pie for dinner, and we’ll probably watch the film Bromley Boys


Watching new Queer Eye, might have the rest of that Dominos soon. Then cold shower and bed :blue_heart:

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