Thursday Evening Thread (07/04/22)

Alright? Just drank a litre of water to hydrate before starting on a couple of beers

Had a couple of lmac sozzas, SP mash and beans (suma brand: an absolute disgrace) for tea.

Trying to decide whether to read, watch tv, watch a film or watch some football.

Knackered, could go to bed right now tbh. Made an executive decision to have breakfast for dinner though so that’s giving me enthusiasm to stay awake for a bit. Prob watch a bit of telly, do a bit of work, etc. Idk.



Mr s_w is out for tea, so i’m having chicken goujons and dirty fries for tea which is in the oven now.

Today i’ve been out for lunch with MIL and SIL and my new baby nephew which was nice.

Watching some netflix in my pj’s right now while my tea cooks. Will probably carry on doing the same afterwards too. Need to download a new book on my kindle as finished the one I bought on Tuesin the last 2 sleepless nights; so any suggestions are very very welcome :slight_smile:


Had a hellish but productive day. Done 20 mins on the ol’ static bike so gonna pop to the shop for a bottle of red and watch the Nikki Grahame documentary later. Think salmon and veg for dinner, very exciting.

I’ve got to go and have a very serious meeting with a very serious man tomorrow, so I’ve been liaising with him and others via email today. I’ve never met him before so I had a quick and very innocent Google so I know who I’m meeting, and thank you God for headshots on websites. I’m ashamed to admit my first thought was “woof, he’s very attractive.” Then I read his bio and he’s been in his field of work for four years longer than I’ve even been alive. I know Freud has been disproven but he might have had one or two points.

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Sankofa or The Mothers. Both excellent recent reads.

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Thankyou :slight_smile: Will check those out.

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Had pizza and chips for dinner as it’s nearly Friday.

Take dog out on a bit then probably a Thursday wine.



Alright? Got the golf on. Trying to talk myself into getting on the exercise bike but all I can think about is whether or not I should order a pizza.

How is it 7pm but also how is it not Friday?

Calling in sick tomorrow as I still have silly hot anxiety skin and I think my new pal Giant Coldsore is evidence of being at the end of my tether.

Should do some sort of boring work later or at least try to sell some more tickets for this weekend’s tour :zzz:



Got a Tesco delivery coming in a bit. Might clean the bathroom and watch some telly. The excitement never ends.

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Just watching wrestling something really highbrow on the telly.

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What is? Swede and potato?

I’m having Richmond veggie sausages for dinner. I like the texture but not got used to the slightly tangy taste yet…

Trying to eat this as fast as possible so I can read some more book before film club

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Sweet potato

Boy do I feel like a fool

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They are really fucking tangy :confused:
Annoying cos the texture so much nicer than LMS dry sausages.

  • Get on the bike then have something healthy to eat
  • Get on the bike then order a pizza
  • No bike, order a pizza
  • No bike, have something healthy to eat

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Watching the Netflix programme on Jimmy Savile. Leaves you feeling grimy as hell.

Talking of grimy, also washing the bedding as the dog had an accident on it :flushed:

On the upside, leftover chow mein for tea.

Watching Leicester in only our second ever European quarter final!!! Then some classic WWF, we’re almost up to Badd Blood 97 (if you know, you know)

Eat pizza on the bike

I find joe lycett annoying but can’t work out why