Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)

Evening all. What you up to?

Just made a weird bulgur wheat, tofu and beetroot thing but was very tasty.

Don’t really know what to do this eve.

Thinking about having my first beer in 10 days.

I just paid for the mastering of our new album, bought some cacti, then some records and am now enjoying a pint of Cork’s finest. @profk

I say have that beer!


Just gonna do the washing up first, I think.

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A sensible plan!

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Cheers geesey



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You should probably join myself and the geese man for a beer

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Evening unlucky. It’s my last day in the US so I have some boring stuff like laundry to do and need to phone my parents as it’s been a week. Went to see A Star is Born last night - it was ok/quite good. On the way home saw some youths having a huge fight and then the girl smashed two bottles over the guys head - think he was two drunk/stoned to feel it. Going to Alcatraz tonight.

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Meowington. I didn’t realise those hummus 3’s were mini. They’re the size I wanted. Got two I didn’t want but that one is perfect. Thanks.


the TV is home late today so gonna go home in a min and make bare cuzza and listen to some tunes. got a mango lassi #hypebeer in the fridge too, seems as good a time as any to have it

I put too many spicy things in my dinner and it’s about to burn me.

the batteries I use are called duracell
they last me 3 houmous so they do me well

Just had the most underwhelming Mac and cheese ever.


What went wrong?

I had the last iteration of that and it was good off the lactose beers now unfortunately

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Sorry I was after a small amount of hummus in another thread. Meowington had suggested this one which is a tripple pack of small hummus pots the battteries for scale.

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this is so british.

‘fat free’
calorific content clearly labelled

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It was a take out from a place that’s meant to be really good. I think they’re better when you get the ones piled with meat and all that gubbins but seems they don’t care about making the ordinary one tasty.

Had better ready meals.