Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)


Rode this absolutely ridic road earlier:

Chilling with a beer on our hotel’s terrace. The sunset is spectac


are you in islas baleares? (can’t remember the english translation - Balearics?).


Nope, we’re in Mojacar on the south-east coast. So good round here.


Do you ever just sit there watching this


Not much worse than an underwhelming take away.

I guess I would have just banged some spicy sauce on it and hoped that made it better


beer of choice there?


I’m listening to a podcast with Alan Sparhawk and I keep picturing him as Hank from Twin Peaks


Cheers :beers:


It seems to either be San Miguel (currently drinking) or Mahou.


Few things worse than disappointing man n cheese :weary:


I don’t really do spicy food (I thibk maybe I’m allergic to it as it makes me cough really badly for 24 hours after and my stomach hurts), plus I was sharing with my toddler so my condiment options were limited. It needed a bit of crunch or something…they’d put strands of watercress on top of it that had wilted.


Where R all the good men and cheese at hun?


Might go to B&Q.


All things considered it wasn’t a great post :grinning:


About to go watch some strange rock music


Oh nice Cattle are a damn force live. Jealous!


I really need to do this/visit some kind of tool retailer.


Fajitas for dinner tonight. Yaaaas, ya fuckin dancer :+1:




Evening all.

Today is my Friday but the work canteen seem to have done their best to scupper my plans to have Some Beers. Alarm bells should have rung when the girl behind the counter said, “we don’t even have the utensils for this - no one ever asks for prawn mayo!”

It’ll take more than old prawns to stop this idiot drinking though.

Hope you’re all well.