Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)




I was on a packed train this morning and looked down and could see into someone’s bag and they had a pack of king prawns…

Maybe they were headed to your canteen.


Ever just looked at a tree and thought ‘i would love to fucking knock you out’


They don’t even serve prawn mayo do they? She just found some rogue prawns on her travels and thought, “fuck it, they’ll do.”

Only occurs to me now that the correct utensil would be a spoon. Why does our canteen not have spoons?!


Things that are acceptable on top of Mac n cheese: more cheese, breadcrumbs, pancetta, sliced tomato. Watercress definitely doesn’t make the list.


My arm hurts slightly from my flu jab. Obviously I’m furious at @laelfy.


regret not going with dips over houmous


That’s a good sign. You’re a big boy epimer, be brave.


No part of that post was true, was it.


I did wonder if you thought it was a multi pack of 3 x full sized houmouses (houmi?)


Your little niece would be braver than you


Just had a haircut and cut throat shave. Face is a bit cold now. Feel a bit weird without a beard.

Having lasagne and salad for tea, but may pub on the way home.


You should probably go to the pub on the way home and join masel, unlucky and the geese man in a beer :+1:


She’d fucking knock out the occupational health nurse.


That’s me swayed then


Cheers :beers:


just remembered ryan gosling was young hercules


You plan your drinking a long time in advance.


Cheers lopes


Yeah I thought they were full size until I saw them in person. Good size though. One big spoonful. just right for one meal.