Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)


Just trying to stay awake until a reasonable time to go to bed. Gonna work from here tomorrow too, already cba. Watching old episodes of say yes to the dress.


Lidl do them in sets of just three regular, if that is an use to you in the future.




I’ve opened beer #2 :beers:

Thought about going the pub but that beer has been sat there 10 days


Gonna hit the lebkuchen hard as well


I’ve got Rory Gallagher jammed up tae fuck @Kallgeese👍


ate too much but now i’m fine


this would make a cracking song title


Went to a primary school opening evening. How adult. Was feeling their in to the environment vibes, but it was like a swish new hotel. Now at work not working.


My mum likes to very VERY intermittently drop the c bomb as an act of ultimate defiance (she works at a church and is a massive goody two shoes). We are talking 3 instances since June 2016.

Absolutely delighted to announce she’s just said it for the fourth time, about the people at the church who have made her redundancy an absolute humiliating balls up of the highest order. Long overdue.

Awaiting more details from my brother.




If my mum said the c word I’d think she’d been possessed by an alien spirit or something.


I don’t actually mind Fukuyama but this is pretty funny.


Hey everyone

Been out at a work thing all day - highlight of which was a load of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding on a skewer

Actual highlight of the day was this


Homemade burgers and beer for dinner.

I didn’t leave work until 6:30 as I was late this morning as I had a dentists appointment for a broken tooth. They’re going to extract it but not until the 5th November.


I am in the Old Bridge in Huntingdon having a quiet pint of Pulping on your Stereo and waiting for the TV to join me for dinner.


justice is swift in san fran


have never considered take away mac and cheese before, will need to investigate. (though your experience is putting me off a bit)




Damn it I want Mac n cheese now