Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)


If you can be fucked to go over to Oakland there’s a Mac and cheese place on I think Piedmont Ave. you can probably get something good in SF too though.


Homeroom? I do not want to go to Oakland but I do want to eat their Mac n cheese, dammit!


I’m making some mad zero calorie pasta. the instructions say to pat it dry after cooking? lol okay chief


Don’t think you need to pat dry air


can this laptop stop being an arsehole and accept the headphones are plugged in

i don’t want sound coming out the speaker thanks


they’re made from konjac flour. what’s a konjac? fuck knows.

they’re alright though. well weird. feels like eating pasta (kinda) but tastes of absolutely nothing.


Sounds awful


AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I’ve been in the new house for the last few hours and the neighbours were home and it was totally, completely, blissfully silent!



Just got back from a short film event that I hosted. Probably one of the best and smoothest running events I’ve ever hosted tbh. Pretty good feeling.

Have a meeting with some politicians tomorrow, no idea what to expect.

Watching Ozark now. Good show.




Yes!! Wanted to go the other day but my pals weren’t so keen.


We’re watching a Star War.

I bought them all because Wor Lass can’t remember if she’s seen them and I haven’t seen Episode 3. Did this earlier:

Currently watching Episode 1 and wondering if they’ll all have aged this badly.


whiterussian is a big time mover and or shaker!


Bought a couple of mini pumpkins in lidl yesterday, anyone got any good ideas what I could make with them? Thought maybe about stuffing them then roasting, but what to stuff with…

For an idea of scale, those are pretty large bananas in the background.


perfect ripeness on the bananas too as we’ve established today


my creative confidence is all low and shit


Me neither, it was my first try and I didn’t really think you could go wrong but turns out you definitely can.


the first one has that cool light saber fight, right? think the rest of it is pretty rubs


been out urban exploring with my friend Andy in Huddersfield (@Scout you came up in discussion, obviously). twelve miles around a chemical plant. rolls of film were used up. old maps were perused. beers were also had. was pretty dece, actually.



I’ve got a recipe for a butternut and ricotta pastry that would substitute for pumpkin if you want it…