Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)


Hi! Sounds like an excellent day


I actually can’t remember much about it apart from Jarjar Binks, the chariot race and Ewan McGregor’s rat tail.


Spiced pumpkin Soup


seriously that low album is fkn graet


Got myself some spooky lights from Poundland :skull:


Seeing them on Monday. can’t bloody wait


Your gaff must be filled with Halloween tat and house plants, and nothing else


fuck it, I think I’m gonna pay for a ticket to see em in Birmingham


You should. I’m trying to persuade my partner that seeing them in Brighton next year is a good idea


Pretty much


Sounds awful/amazing


Also @rich-t

Maybe the scale doesn’t come across so well, the small one is maybe tennis ball size at most? I don’t know that there would be enough pumpkin flesh there for your delicious ideas unfortunately.


carve an eyehole in each one


That skull looks like it’s got a thumb up its bum. Even though it doesn’t have a bum. For at least two reasons.


It really depends how many people you’re serving and what other ingredients you have - you could easily throw the chopped squash into a curry or soup with some carrots and celery to bulk it out a bit, for example


True, I had got a bit tunnel vision on it being the main ingredient but there is no reason why it has to be!


Am sitting on Finsbury Park station platform 8 eating an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger. It’s horribly satisfying. I want a second one :frowning:


In bed


Thursday night pre-Friday selfie with my pal Ms Lanterman

Apologies for the terrible facial expression


Clean bedsheets :cloud::cloud: