Thursday Evening Thread (11 Oct 18)


This and new socks. There is nothing better!!


i can only assume it was from burger king in which case I’d recommend their chilli cheese bites on your next visit, life changing


God I hate pricks


The band before them had a musical chairs competition and one of Cattle (my pal Louis) won and had his trophy stood proudly next to his pedals during their set.


Ha extreme vaguebooking here

Fucking ‘alpha males’ from work trying to score points in the pub by ragging on someone perfectly nice who wasn’t there, fuck em


What did you say to them?


I told them it wasn’t on which they quietly admitted but not in front of the people they were trying to score points in front of, left after that


Nearly bought a load of Rory records when I was pissed yesterday. Settled for James Brown and John Coltrane instead.


Well you can’t go wrong with any of that lot :+1:


i once (when i was about 14 and didn’t know any better) saw james brown supporting red hot chili peppers, in what i now realise was one of the most bafflingly skewed bills ever assembled


was this in Manchester?? I saw this!

Chicks on Speed third on the bill.

James Brown > Chicks on Speed > RHCP


no, i saw one of the hyde park dates. we got stellastarr instead of chicks on speed.



see, stellastarr* would have been > the others if they’d been support in Manchester. sorry, really old James Brown, that’s just what sixteen y.o. me was down with.