Thursday Evening Thread: Dark Fate

No thread?

I was feeling very sad but then I found out there was a Terminator / Terminator 2 double bill, and there we go.

How are you?

Aight guntrip. I’m good. Drinking wine and eating crisps and about to head out to see Courtney Barnett.


I’ve got an ingrowing hair on my neck and it’s pissing me right off.

Other than that, nothing to report.

Hi guntrip. Mowed the lawn earlier after neglecting it for 10 weeks or more. Listened to DSU by Alex G and the Self Esteem album. Lots of grass to cut. Veggie chili and rice for tea and biere d’or and a couple of Tesco beers for drinking.

Fast ride home. Tired now. Fajitas for tea with tesco beers and chocolate to folllow.

Gonna watch preacher/play with the new kitten.


sup g-unit

tis my friday. gonna finish 2mind 2hunter, eat some salmon, then pack a bunch of stuff onto my bike for a ride tomorrow. woop woop.

Also - hello guntrip and etc!

ah, haven’t started the new season yet. any use?

Hi guntrip. I am drinking gin and cooking dinner.

Then I’m going to watch some cycling and Preacher.


No idea - only started watching it a few weeks back and not quite caught up yet


I am not enjoying it as much this series but its OK.

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Today is my second 9 to 9 day in a row, I can’t wait to get home.

But then I’ve got no more long shifts until the end of September, and I’m going on holiday in just over a week.

Is mindhunter worth a watch?

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Going to play bass and drink tins.


Evening all. Spent THREE hours in the hairdressers today then went and met up with my mum and all she could say was ‘it’s definitely different, isn’t it?’

Went for afternoon tea and prosecco which was good but a bit on the sweet side, could’ve done with more savoury.

Then went to a hiit class at the gym which was hard work.

Found out the one of my trials is pulling out of the UK because of drug supply fears so that’s a whole load of patients who won’t get that treatment option that has been making a big difference so far. Nice one leavers.

Finally, found out more about cow-gate - apparently they escaped from the local farming museum and at one point there was 20 people, 4 police officers and firefighters on our back lawn trying to shoo the cows back home :joy:


have to go out and do something fun tomorrow :frowning:

Feeling far more tired than I should be given I didn’t work Monday. Broke my rule by having a real coffee mid afternoon, but I don’t think that helped, really.

I feel sad

Ordered a Deliveroo 2.5 hours ago. Finally allowed me to cancel it after 3 live chats refusing, so Jnr has had crackers for dinner.

Also hugely late for this talk I’m meant to be at so I guess i won’t bother and just work instead.