Thursday evening thread: dead queen edition

Contrary to popular belief, there will be an evening thread

What are you all up to apart from refreshing twitter and mourning respectfully?

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Gone to the cinema to see wrath of khan

Just found out the queen died cos some edgelord was shouting it out of the local anarchist church squat we’ve got here

Guts are a bit off from anxiety. Oh well. Popcorn and lager will surely help. Right?

Found out the queen had died from preston NE’s twitter account. What a world we live in.

Craving a burrito but will likely just make some oven misery dinner, play video games and go to bed by 10pm as a mark of respect.

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She always kept them informed tbf.


Do you think I can go to the shop or will I get mobbed?

Not been outside today yet, so probs walk the dog.

Got tortellini.

Maybe watch ladhood

Might go to bed. Respectfully.

I’m only posting in this as a mark of respect to announce that I’m not posting this thread as a mark of respect. Steak for dinner.

On my way to Brighton to see Soul Glo and mourn the deid queen.

Got a nice bottle of rose as my car drink and we’re listening to the Armed.

Bye Liz.


In an unrelated turn of events of the queen dying , we had a massive p-o-w-e-r cut at work today which means it’s SHUT TOMORROW HAHAHAHAHAH OMG CANT BELIEVE THIS GONNA RUN TO U THANKYOU LIZ



(Breakfast for Death)

Going to have a bath and read my swan book, which is quite apt i guess what with them being her minions or whatever.

they’ll kill you dead

Hope they’re not going to cancel Masterchef

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Just ate some hotter-than-expected jalapeños. Watching bbc and waiting to go to bed basically.

Got a quorn chilli on the go, then going to watch The Good Place. Much the same as if the queen were still alive

Heading over to venue to play / put on a gig. Not sure if DeadQueen will reduce or add to our audience numbers, probably no difference tbh given the general nature of Brighton weird music people.

Evening everyone,

I did it! I made it to the gym! First time in a few weeks. Well done me. Not a big deal I know but I’ve been a bit anxious about it all day so I’m glad I went. It’s always the first time that’s a bit scary isn’t it.

Don’t know what to have for dinner. Might make something noodlely with broccoli, and watch something? Or begin painting… or both! The options…


I absolutely love an unexpected day off so please imagine I’ve given you the most powerful high five possible.

Get absolutely shitfaced.


Hungry and tired and wanna cry out of tired frustration but crying isn’t allowed today or people think you’re sad about the queen


Hope MAFS is still on tonight. It’s commitment ceremony time!!