Thursday Evening Thread featuring Rod Stewart

What you up to tonight?

I’m looking forward to doing some laundry :thumbsup:
Going to cook up some Swiss chard and pine nuts to go with some couscous too because I’m such a fucking boss.

Oh yeah post some Rod Stewart too.

I don’t want this thread to peak too soon, but

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gonna leave work soonish. Probably have a messabout with some new vaping gear I got in the post.

Current mood:

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gym then food then sofa


In a bad mood, might attempt pizza

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sorting out some buckets.

not sure what;s for tea.

Big fan of Rod


Are you one of those guys who likes to get out his atomiser and start fiddling with the little bits with tissue and stuff?
Have we had this conversation?

Another one of those car-crowd incidents in Times Square :frowning: Really hope it’s not an attack, that’s just what America needs right now.

Of all the unhelpful error messages i’ve ever seen, i think this might be my favourite. Toolman!

You’ve been visited by the Toolman Paddy O’Toole
That’s all I got


Just home from a tough day at work. Laying in bed watching S5e11 of Mad Men. Gonna crack a beer soon and cook sea bream with salad and cous cous for dinner.


but no, i’m really lazy with all that and don’t give a fuck about changing stuff out all the time. Just need to put it all together.

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Just remembered I have half a bottle of red wine left :wine_glass::+1:


Make pesto, drink beer, listen to soundgarden, watch cycling highlights.


Last night I bought a bottle of red to then find out the place I went had no corkscrew. Push it in with a lighter jobby. Mmm, cork.

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I have smashed the top of the bottle open to access wine before, which seems more stupid every day that passes.

I was going to post this, but you’ve done it for me. Banger