Thursday Evening Thread For Us To Cheer FlashingLight Up In

Had sausage, chips and peas for tea. Got the dread bad. But it’s been a very nice weekend so I’m happy enough :slightly_smiling_face:



Here you go @anon89873996


Thanks Funky

So… really fucking rubbish family shit. Actually still too shaking just thinking of it arghhh. Ended up hitting my brother when he judy wouldn’t back the fuck off after I tried to get him to leave the situation. This was obviously really wrong of me, but seriously I, am so fucking done with nothing I say ever being taken on board and them always reverting back to ignoring me and things I tty to explain. Fucking done in.

That sounds really tough. Please remember that we all love you and are always here.

Can you get out for a walk or anything, even just for 10 minutes or something?


Not really, certainly not without a courtesy asking if they could listen out for R and I don’t want to talk to them. Worried about even going downstairs to get a drink from the fridge.

Sorry, total downer.

Don’t be silly.


Hello Funky, Flashing.

FL have you heard Tides: Music for Meditation and Yoga by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith? I saw an interview with her and how she discovered modular synthesis and it reminded me of the Emily Sprague synth albums a bit.


I am having a lemonade lolly as the kids and MrS went to so near so spar and got me NOTHING. Then v heard the ice cream van and ran to get me one :laughing:

So one day R will do that kind of thing you for FL. Xx


I have not, but this is very relevant to my interests (crediting listening to Mount Vision when I ventured outside earlier as the main thing that kept me calm)

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Had one for pudding. :fist_right::fist_left:

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:hugs: fl

Made a curry but it’s got too many cloves in and it’s well annoying

Is the US definition of cloves as seen in the Simpsons the same as the UK definition of cloves?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Legitimate Simpsons ambiguity

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I took The Child to the ice cream van last week and she had a complete breakdown in the street because I got her a 99 instead of strawberry (which he didn’t have.)

I’m going to buy myself all of the 99s I can now she’s at nursery being socialised.


Evening. Went and worked on my disc golf game with japes and now I’m making veggie enchiladas and watching AQOS.

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Nearly bought myself a Mogwai ticket this afternoon until I managed to remember I bought one in February.

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@Epimer this is the good shit, thanks for the recommendation :+1:

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I’ve tried recipes that call for too many cloves, before, for dishes I’ve tasted and certainly don’t have so many cloves and it’s completely egregious. No more than 5 cloves should ever go in a dish that you do not wear for warmth*

*that end was a dreadful play on words, because cloves is phonetically similar to clothes.


Oh, I got some paneer earlier. Paneer recipes welcome.

Still working. Hot and bothered.

Parents drink tea at like 9 in the evening:

  • How do they sleep?
  • Fine and normal

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