Thursday Evening Thread For Us To Cheer FlashingLight Up In

Just remembered about having chocolate :arrow_heading_up:

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I reckon that’s a picture of a clove (as we’d understand it in the UK) on the jar there.


Tea’s basically water


Bumped into royter’s sister earlier, really don’t know how I’ve been in her house and spoken to her at length before and didn’t realise the relation…she’s just a pretty royter, was really messing with my head when I was trying to talk to her.

So tense tonight, and doing AQOS instead of doing some very overdue work, going to be a late one again :frowning:

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You mean not sleeping from bladder or caffeine issues? Or both?

I drink tea late in the evening often and sleep no problems.

ooooo new Sly and the Family Drone album tomorrow! Yes sir!


Feel so desperately sad CW death one of the children at school lost their mum to cancer on Monday and I’ve just heard of it. Can’t stop thinking about the poor little boy without his mum and it’s really got to me :cry::pensive: feel so helpless. She was such an amazing woman and really helped me as a teacher and never ever asked too much. I was always happy to help because I knew she appreciated and helped the school back. She was always part of pta and organising things and goddd just feel so sad for that poor little boy not having his mum anymore :sob:

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caffeine. weird, if i drink tea at 4, there’s a good chance i won’t sleep.

Terribly sorry to hear that :frowning_face:



Feels quiet warm and muggy.

Had a not of a weird sore throat since Tuesday, putting me off drinking beer.

It is heartbreaking xx lots of love to you and them x


So happy :smiley:
So, my bestest friend and her boyfriend (who is also one of my best friends, even if he is a dick) found the house of their dreams (it really is beautiful) and they’ve been told they can buy it by the vendor and mortgage people. It’s theres! AND EVEN BETTER, it’s a five minute walk from my flat! Not even a walk on a road or whatever, a walk through a park cause I live at one end and they’ll live at the other :pleading_face:
And I messaged her Mum (who’s like a Mum to me) asking what housewarming present I should get for them and she rang me and we had a lovely chat and I’m just feeling very happy and loved. I don’t have many family members kicking about, and apart from two I don’t actually speak to most of them cause they’re dicks. But my best friend’s family are family to me and it’s just lovely <3
And tomorrow I’m seeing the one cousin I do get on with and that’ll be lovely. He’s chaotic AF but fun and I’m so excited :smiley:


Hope all is ok FL

top diser and pal


Oh faps, I’m so sorry. There aren’t words for that sort of thing.
Would bet my life your kid’s Mum would be so happy knowing he had you as a teacher, though. If there’s anything any of us can do please just shout.
You’re amazing, I’m so in awe of you. x

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Oh mate :broken_heart: xxx

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Right back at you :+1:

I am mostly very scared and trying not to use this as an excuse for more alcohol. Should probably just have more chocolate instead.

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I know it seems so odd to have a cry about it but my god it’s really done a number on me.

Thankyou for your kind words. She was an amazing lady and was strong and hopeful through out it all. Never let any thing faze her. Truly inspiring really. Her little boy is gonna be a shining diamond. Just wish i could give him a little cuddle init x