Thursday evening thread (ft Laelfy's plans)

Hi all. At a geek meetup in Holborn, aren’t I?


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What does a geek meetup involve?

I have no plans, will probably go for a walk along the river again as it’s a nice night.

Plans - chilling in the antenatal ward a finding out if everything is ok with the baby. Then maybe pizza or a burger if we get out at a decent time.

Battery status - 17% :neutral_face:


Transporting my strange mix of climbing, funeral, business, and party gear down to London.

About to head out to an awards shindig where I’ve to present an award :grimacing:
Pretty much means I need to watch my vino intake for a couple of hours :weary:

Should probably go for a walk but the Glasgow weather has been very untrustworthy today.

Stay strong man x


In the pub waiting for a meeting to start so got a chicken caesar salad and am reading a comic

Keeping everything crossed for you guys :heart:


Hope everything’s okay @rich-t!

Just having a Lech after work. Picked up Drunk by Thundercat on vinyl and ‘Playing The Bass With Three Left Hands’ by Will Carruthers of Spacemen 3 so that’s my weekend’s entertainment. Have tomorrow off so I’m going to hang out with the TV tonight and do nothing.

Gonna watch footy

All the best for the scan

saw stewart lee on as I was going to get a chip butty

that’s as exciting as my evening is going to get

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Have spent far too much on my credit card so far this month again. Was gonna go buy some wanker beers but really can’t. Got a few in and didn’t end drinking the ones I had planned yesterday.

Got this frozen apple strudel thing from lidl which I might bang in the oven.

@ghostpony have some nice drinks at home?

@Songs_about_ducking Meetings ruin everything don’t they.

In this case it’s a “You Equal Tech” meetup about “Positive disruption tech changing our world for the better.” Whatever that means.

For a London tech meetup there’s very, very few white men, which is no bad thing!

Going down the boozer innit

Man that sounds good

Fair dos though.

Oh well that makes sense.

I pretty much need a full day in bed for any hangover these days so understand.

Have some nice food instead?

Battery sitch - 9% :cold_sweat: