Thursday evening thread (ft Laelfy's plans)

All the best @rich-t

Vegetable moussaka is in the oven. Grocery delivery tonight too. My nice raspberry yoghurt was unfortunately switched out :cry:

Should’ve studied tonight but meh

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i hope your baby is ok mate.


I made nice noodles for once! I’m never too impressed with my noodles but these were good

But bf is away at a golf thing til Saturday. This is the first time I’ve been in my new house alone overnight. Eek.
(Gonna watch RHONY and then get in bed with my book at 9pm cause bf frowns upon getting in bed mega early)


Hope everything goes ok for you and your family @rich-t x

Ikea trip was mostly a success. My living room ideas I had before going were basically laid out in one of the show rooms so at least I know it works (my room will no doubt be a lot smaller though).

Book group was good because I ate lots of cake and the discussion was nice, but bad because my favourite person is leaving and this was their last time :frowning:

Cake was my dinner, but I may supplement it with toast.

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Ooh tell me more about your future living room pls!

I very nearly had a Falling Down moment at work today due to an incompetent project manager and my manager. Quite how they get away with their jobs astonishes me.

Got home at 7 and did 45 minutes work in the garden.

I’m now cooking some lamb burgers and will definitely be having some beers.

Some version of this sofa, some arrangement of those cabinets with the textured doors and maybe the strong colour on at least some walls:

Possibly this lampshade unless it goes in another room (bought it today): Products - IKEA
Lots of pictures on the walls, a more affordable rug and a side/coffee table or two but not the ones used here. All budget dependant and also hoping they don’t discontinue the nice doors. I want a house/flat so bad.

Edit: I like colours, if this wasn’t obvious.


Oh I love it!! I’d love a yellow sofa! I have a yellow footstall and some cushions but I’m not allowed to go too bold. I am still trying to get my green wall approved! I want forest green and yellow a bit like that really

I don’t even care what people think about ikea stuff, I really love it


I’m still at work. I’ve got four students left.

I have never had my own space to decorate before so I might end up going a bit crazy with it! I did get quite excited today imagining things but I need to reign it in really as I don’t even have a place yet and when I do it will be more limiting and I won’t have a huge budget even though I have been saving really well. Ikea is realistically the best I can afford and I like that it is well thought out in little features of design that put it ahead of a lot of other flat pack stuff. Would love to have a load of good secondhand stuff but it usually requires picking up and I don’t drive.

I am sure in time you and your bf will be able to come to a better compromise which allows for more boldness.

We have a similar colour in our lounge with ikea storage in white.


I like the rug :+1:


Next I think!

Sounds like your offing them one by one.


Got a sainsburys taste the difference ipa. Tastes like shite.

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My Mam’s crocheting Star Wars characters for my son for his birthday. Done Yoda and C3PO so far :grinning:


No school tomorrow - it’s schooner time


Everything was ok in the end. They were quite worried about the low heartbeat/lack of sustained movement. But the machine gave them a good ECG eventually. Then we had to wait 2hrs for a doctor to sign us out.

Having a cawston press rhubarb and a dirty pizza and coleslaw


Future Tour de France winner incoming!

Glad to hear it all went well :slight_smile:


It’s the EPO coursing through its veins, slowing the heartbeat down.

Thanks man. Got a little worried earlier