Thursday evening thread. Incandenza definitely has no hot material so don't ask

@incandenza (who has no hot material)

*dunno, sorry.

Surprisingly beautiful evening up here aftet a rainy day so I am out climbing. By which I mean fallling. Repeatedly.

I don’t think I can edit it now…

tell us immediately.


I’ve heard that @incandenza’s material is so hot that if he posted it, it’d blow the roof off Kasabian.

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Quite the day. Topped it off by carrying a big box on rush hour buses through shoreditch which was not the best idea. Gonna eat some burgers and then have a bath.

taking a chance on a once partially defrosted birdseye chicken chargrill

Alright, does that help?




Could you remove that errant apostrophe? It looks like I can’t use punctuation now…

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a critic.


I have an observation:

there are now a large number of bad sitcoms with Friends in the title:
Friends with Better Lives
Friends with Benefits
Friends from College

Evenin’ all. I had a productive enough day. Played an impromptu gig in a local café earlier which was odd but fun! Got two gigs backing local singer/songwriters on bass on Saturday now.

Going to continue to work on the football sticker bass this evening, might go for a pint and watch a jazz gig but I’m not pushed really.

You’ve made these up!

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Thanks Theo - I appreciate it.

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I went to see my absolute dream apartment today. Out of my price range though :cry:

This is all good news - you could have powered a whole thread with this!

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Potato waffles in the oven :grin:

Still no hot water :sob:

Who needs water when you have waffles?

i would like to wash my body please.

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