Thursday evening thread. Incandenza definitely has no hot material so don't ask


*or the Grime thread, if such a thing exists

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waffle bath, obv.


how many waffles do you think i have?

Sorry for putting you under unnecessary pressure!

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unfortunately not – Friends is a real programme

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Would they not make a serviceable loofah?

I’m running a (water) bath. U jelly?

At a campsite with WiFi on/in Barra. It’s started raining. I’m tired.


swit swoo

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That’s for the bike shot, aye? :wink:

Lost about 15-2 at football.

Nutmegged a player with my first touch that led to the fantastic opening goal. The rest was less good.

Other team were really fouly too, I’ve got grazed knees.

Feel like a complete fraud - just won slimmer of the month at my fat club but the truth is I’ve haven’t followed the plan at all :open_mouth:

Now having mini kievs and spaghetti hoops for my tea. jfc


cyclists don’t @ me

Evening, had a good day - listening to Propagandhi now, going to write a review and quickly head to Aldi before they close.

Just making my new delay pedal self-oscillate to piss off my noisy neighbours, hbu?

Never heard it called…


Something about… slapback mode? No.

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Just before I left work, one of my direct reports came over and told me that he had just been out for a walk, bought a scratch card and won £50 and another free scratch card.

‘I wanted to show my gratitude for all your support and patience over the last year,’ he said, reaching into his pocket.

No, of course he didn’t hand me £50. He didn’t even hand me 50p. He handed me the scratch card which, I scratched on the spot. It was a loser. No prize to be claimed.

I’ve since spent the entire evening working out whether or not he was being genuinely appreciative or taking the piddle…

Hi DiS :wave:

This evening I have been to a reading group where I ate all the biscuits (co-op chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies were the highlight), listened to people speak very passionately without the usual spiral into shallow politics talk, and accidentally started discussing next month’s topic. It was a fun evening.

Contemplating if it is too early to go to bed.