Thursday Evening Thread - November 10th Edition


Evening all! What are we all up to on this fine* evening?

*Citation needed


i wish i was dead


I am watching ‘Gilmore Girls’ and am going to finish three articles. Will probably drink some beer later and jump around the sitting room while listening to the new Male Bonding album.


Things are that bad 4th?


no just being a diva. will revise my answer to ‘i wish i was in bed’


That rhymes at least!


Going round a mates a food and film. Very tempted to get beer.


Alright Geesey! Waiting for the missus to come home so I can cook some Spanish-y meatballs and drink some wine. I have both pork and beef mince so, you know, I’m not fucking about here.


Football training later so obviously I’m eating a massive dinner and watching Designated Survivor. Terrible show.


You are definitely not fucking about there J_I. Good hustle.


Watching that Westworld. Dunno what I’ll do after.


I might watch Planet Earth 2: The Bloodening


Stll haven’t watched it. Think I’m too far gone now.

Actually, is the original film any cop? Would probably watch that.


No idea. There’s only 6 episodes to catch up with - that’s one moderately severe hangover and you’re done.



‘Sup guys. Just on the ol’ reflux sit up detail with a snoozing little poppet in my arms. Ham egg and chips for dinner (with the chips being from the chippy). Gonna have a beer, watch the apprentice, then potentially watch a how to video on draining a radiator with no bleed valve in advance of my likely house-flooding attempt at amateur plumbing on Saturday. Want to know if I need any new tools like. Quite keen on a new wrench.


The film is pleasingly bleak in a 70s way. Better than the running man, worse than blade runner if that helps?


Sounds like I’d love it! Will seek it out at the weekend.


I just moved a thread from Uncategorised to Social. I’d consider this my good deed for the day (unless @epimer intended for it to lurk there largely unnoticed)


Yeah give it a go. There’s something queasy about those dystopian 70s flicks now, beyond the haircuts. I quite appreciate it.