Thursday evening thread 🍕


Hello. How are you?
Up to much this evening?
What’s for tea?


Thursday is not taco night, Tuesday is taco-tortilla-burrito night.

Mods, plz remove offending emoji


Hi friends, in the office. Chinese will be coming. FM17 feature announcement is this evening, I am excited and apprehensive.


Oooooh what time?


2000hrs innit.


working late, wife will be at work so dunno what to do for tea. could be pizza. would easily go a burrito and still haven’t had one this week but not sure where there’s a convenient one. hmm.


How’s the stomach these days?


kind of felt like there were too many features on the more recent releases. Fm09 all the way for me, Clive.


a fit girl just told me my music was AMAZING!

Turns out it was some bulllshit marketing viral thing :frowning:


Ever given FMT/FMC a crack?


What’s for tea?


seemed to sorta go away by itself, should really call my doc and get the results but i haven’t heard from them so assume it’s all fine.


oh shit sorry!

Sausages, chips & baked beans mate.


:pizza: for dinner. Going to the local :pizza: place with my parents. Should be great tbh. :pizza:


Nope, maybe I’ll take a look again though. Didn’t really want to think that I was playing half the game or an easier version when that arcade version or whatever it was called came out.

Is it less heavy on the computer? Had to stop playing at like fm14 because it was just so laggy on my MacBook (late 2011)


Considering going to the pub if it ever stops raining, if not then I’m just gonna binge Gilmore Girls in bed and get an early night.
Packet noodles for dinner, can’t wait (not sarcasm)


fuck it, i’ll get :pizza:



I often enjoy two packets of those nissin demae noodles for dinner.