Thursday Evening Thread (rolling)



what are you up to tonight?

my plans are to eat some misery pasta and read 1000+ posts in the brexit thread because apparently I hate myself


Going out for dinner with some friends.

Supposed to be leaving the house in twenty minutes and I’m in bed.


may as well start the thread with simpsons images




Was gonna run but goosed. Listening to a bills podcast and drinking instead.

Correct choice methinks.


On my way to work :upside_down_face:


At work. Boring. Writing an IG thing about how much I love an album I recorded.


who or what are bills?


Made mac and ‘cheese’ w/ pardon peppers, mushrooms and cut up l.macs.

Going to watch Nuts in May I think.

Also got tickets for the mighty thistle against silly celtic.


Also, gonna have a nice beer.


Went beer shopping and drinking a Heineken 🤷. Having chicken thighs and roasted med veg. Baby has been asleep for ages. Might have to wake her up otherwise she won’t sleep later.


Whatcha having?


Drygate Bearface lager, never had it before despite it being in every supermarket.


What podcast??


Duh, the buffalo bills <3


Ah nice. Might have gone a bit nelson sauvin/sauvignon blanc beer mad earlier, so waiting for those to chill down


Only goin on my fackin olidays ain’t I?

Have a good 10 days, fitties. Be all that you can be.


Had a fairly big salad and a oven veggie thing for dinner. Already hungry again but trying not to succumb to it, despite there being leftover pizza in the house. Might have some yoghurt later. Reading my book, the tv is watching some nfl thing. Boring but nice evening in.


Doing work, in my wee local over a pint. A second will follow soon.
And you know what, I can foresee a third! :+1::beers:


Have all the fun!