Thursday evening thread (slightly late)

Had the Quorn dinosaur nuggets for tea. They tasted like Quorn nuggets. I got 2 stegosauruses, 3 brontosauruses and a lone t-rex.



Had macdos for tea but it was very underwhelming. Might have an early night followed by hopefully looking at some houses tomorrow


Weather has gone rubbish here now, lots of rain after being warm and sunny all afternoon which is disappointing. Still, i’ve had my hair done and am pleased with the outcome and tomorrow is Friday which is good. Feeling quite tired so might early night, but, probably wont :smiley:

Ooh, didn’t know Quorn dinosaurs were a thing.

Turkey dinosaurs have become a semi-regular dinner for us, but I like the quorn nuggets.

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Guildford is not remote!

(I was particularly thinking of DiSers residing in remote parts of the UK)

My good lady got me Bob Dylan whiskey :laughing:


oi, I live in a remote area of spain and no one else lives in this country :frowning: even theo in australia has dissers there :frowning:


Okay, Chorizo Macaroni, you can join :slight_smile:


knock knock knockin…



I’m celebrating the fact that it’s nearly the weekend by drinking a delicious chocolate coffee and maple stout. Mmmm.

No plans for tonight. I’ve done the washing up. I think I might just dick about on my phone

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Here’s a dram waiting here for you ma man :+1::tumbler_glass:

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Hey up lovelies!

Keep thinking of going away for a few nights then remember four of us in a hotel room is not really all that fun. What age can kids be put in a room on their own I wonder??

Might do it at half term though just for a night or two.

Another long and particularly taxing day at work. Relentless nonsense going on.

Still, nearly Weeknd time isn’t it.


Love a coffee stout, that one sounds excellent! I’m celebrating it nearly being the weekend with a session IPA. I figure it’s OK cause its only like 4.8%…:smiley:

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4% beers are where its at! Especially 4.2%.

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just book mr s a seperate room and sneak in there after dark like a naughty teenager. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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It’s Arundel’s one - I’m not sure if their beers make it to your part of the country of if they’re just a Sussex thing, but it’s one of the nicest I’ve had.

I’ve got some of this in the fridge too, but I’m saving that for when it’s not a school night

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The mist from the Rocky’s pouring out into homes across the country upon every pop top. Just a thing of exquisite beauty.

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sludge drinkers (anon):

  • i find it annoying when you make fun of my choice of beverage
  • i don’t care, i’ve got a 38.1% FIPA Orange Blossom Megatruck Stout, and you haven’t

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