Thursday evening thread



what’s going on? watching eggheads, about to eat burritos.


hi mate






dans! how’s life?


I don’t know whether I should go to the shop and buy snacks or not :frowning:


there’s gonna be sooo much interesting stuff in there


im at work till 8. got 2 others in the office.

gonna put DEP on, go home, watch CBB then watch Gun Crazy

should I get a few beers tonight

also I did a three point turn in my driving lessons today!! (took me 4 points thoug but still)


can’t wait to start work on my new record!




Good. You’re very, very talented.


every time I stop writing for more than a day ( which is always because I barely make music these days) I’m convinced I’ve lost it. Bloody anxiety!


Was up early this morning for a 7am client call that the client didn’t show up to. Day can only get better from here, right?


of course, because you are talking to us <3


Sadiq khan looks knackered


Ah well I can relate to that. I think that it’s a shame that we don’t have the ability to swap brains sometimes so we can live with other people’s perceptions of ourselves rather than our own. Both your SoundCloud efforts and your more informal YouTube efforts are excellent.


Word. Also, just booked a dog-sledding holiday in Finland for next Jan (this is far away but exciting nonetheless).


You’re too kind! The support of people like you on here really helps me get through some tough times, I can’t thank you enough for the kind words.


Good to have something to look forward to!

Most years I plan and do nothing so no wonder I get down.

This year I’m seeing grandaddy and radiohead which will be cool as I haven’t been to a real gig in years.


Very good but I am in work. How are you? I still see you at the top of my contact list on my phone because of what I drunkenly saved you as. Yet I have still not contacted you because I am rubbish.