Thursday evening thread


How ya goin?

None really, read a bit.
Falafel wraps aw yiss.


Just had some burritos


no offense mate but you really need to stop banging on about them all the time


Doing some work. Cooking salmon later.
Just had some commercial letting agents look round our flat. Three lads in their mid-20s, and you could tell at at glance that every one of the was a complete weapon.


Weirdly been craving fish lately, in a small way considering going pescetarian. Masterchef aint gonna help either. Probably wont though.


no food in the house that i want to eat and no desire or money to get anything… ah well


Hiya!! This evening I’ve decided I’m going to make some blueberry crumble muffins and then proceed to devour all of them in one sitting :pig2:

EDIT: regret posting this right after @pinkybrain 's post… sorry, I didn’t seeeee!!


Droool. Post pics pls.


don’t think I can bring myself to finish my shitty record. what happens then? I will have to look for a job and lose all hope for the future. Damn it


or maybe just put it up and then move onto another project…I’m a bit burnt out with songwriting though, maybe if I tried a totally different genre or something with no pressure.


hahaha its ok witches


Had that interview, seemed to go alright but they were all “Oh we need to interview someone else so probably let you know next week?” and I’m a bit fo, m because I need ££££££ immediately, a bit scared that if I don’t get it I’ll genuinely be living on the street to be perfectly honest but oh well :joy:


I feel wrecked tonight. Think I’ll watch Deepwater Horizon.

Currently cooking sausage, fried onion, mash and beans for dinner.

A good comfort food for when I feel crap.


mate, I’ll help you out if it really comes to that. please don’t worry about that eventuality.


please send photos. I want to test my willpower with regards to dieting.


Aw you’re a sweetheart Bam, I’m sure things will start looking up soon.


Just had a microwave meal post gym. Did a talk at my old school earlier which went well


Chicken Katsu Curry (Tesco Finest) for tea tonight. Probs gonna watch the pottery final and that restoration programme on 4.


well you will get the job so no worries!


Helping a friend move for some reason, gonna do some Burger King first