Thursday Evening Thread

This is your helpful rock to hide under
Let’s talk about how drunk we’re getting and all the things we’re going to eat forever.

I think I want a burrito

Howiya Ruffers? Just voted and am eating a curry. Oh and my @Severed799 record arrived today! :smiley:


What a handsome bunch they are.


Passed my probation at work today, celebrating with a can of DAB and doing some laundry.

Haven’t got any money as I’m saving it for when my friends come over and we’re going to get destroyed. Winner.

Just been to vote.

Got a Goan prawn curry on the go.

Got a beer or two for later.

funny you should say that, i’m probably going to get one shortly!!!

was thinking about staying up tonight but seems too bleak, will just wake up tomorrow and quietly accept our doom.

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More like a GO ON curry eh foxo!

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apart from ol’ electricity face on the right!

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I forgot to go shopping so I don’t really have any food, might just eat some chips.

I got my free election pint from Brewdog and then moved to a better pub for my second. That’ll show 'em.

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Trying to decide how long to stay up for tonight. I’m an hour ahead and the TV is coming tomorrow for the weekend, so I’m considering doing an all-nighter and getting into work at 7 so I can leave at 4. I guess if the exit polls are depressing I’ll just go to bed at 11. Mood has been shifting from giddy optimism to anxious pessimism all day. Ugh.

Fucked with Jim.

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I left work two minutes earlier than normal today and as a result I got an earlier train and got home 15 mins early. have so far spent my extra home time watching the Crystal Maze, well worth it IMO.

I also have some garlic bread. everything’s coming up @breakfast_t_england.

I’m on holiday and it’s still raining so I went to see Baywatch at the cinema. Oh dear god it was poor. I went in saying hopefully it would be so bad it would be good but it was inspired from the mind of 12 year old boy.

I did all I could lads, I convinced my brother to actually vote this time. I think he was also swayed by the #Grime4Corbyn stuff.

I’ve betting my room and house in order after my holidays. Got a new washing machine so I have a wash on and I’m having a beer before going out for an abortion rights fundraiser.


The king tipper


Hi all.

Tonight I’m listening to this:

Now that’s an album cover I can get BEHIND!!!

Some great songs here.

oh I found some old halloumi, can probably scrounge some pepper. self-abnegation in a desperate attempt to atone for all our sins will have to start to tomorrow

I added a NSFW thing.