Thursday Evening Thread

Stuck this on in the office, kinda reminds me of mid-90s Rem (very good!)

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Got 4 Hobgoblins for tonight

Plus some Gin and Tonics just in case

Might have the first one before the exit poll. Or would afterwards make more sense?

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Just start now pal

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I’m already a bit drunk and I’ve got to remember I need to find the replacement bus service for the last train tonight. This can only end well.

Cottage and ice cream pale ale. Then get depressed watching the election coverage later

Really think the internet should just override the coverage by relentlessly tweeting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or something until a confused Dimblebot has to start addressing it.

Where’s everybody getting their news tonight?

  • Beeb
  • The triple threat banter merchants of Paxo, Mitchell and ‘mouth like a sock puppet’ Osman
  • Sky News ahahahahahahahaha
  • Other

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Still full from my Nando’s lunch

Just had a nap
Nothing else to report really :thumbsup:

Not a massive fan of coconut generally, but definitely my favourite curry to cook at home. Absolutely gorgeous

Just accidentally put some mega extended version of I am the resurrection on the juke box of a ropey pub 3 times in a row.

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Coconuts rule. Bountys - great. Coconut cake, rice, curries - great. Coconut scented shampoo - great. Great bunch of … nuts.
Except the oil which is ludicrously overpriced bourgeoisie nonsense.

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Coconut is fine in curries. Maybe in cocktails too. Nothing else.

Put the longgpigs on now.

Peshwari naan.


You disgust me

I will fight you irl you garlic and coriander berk.

Fuckin sleeper now. I’m not saying I’d be the best Brit pop DJ ever but I basically would.

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absolutely no need for the peshwari. who wants to eat a dessert bread with their curry? not me, and not you if you’re being totally honest.

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