Thursday evening thread


how’s your day been?

i’ve been quite productive with my music stuff so i’m feeling good

waiting to start my new job so got lots of free time, trying to actually make the most of it


Currently in a broken down car waiting for the AA to arrive, fucking ragin! :rage::rage::rage::rage:


really struggling for motivation at work atm, so today was a drag.

i was really looking forward to going on a decent (50km-ish) bike ride when i got home, but my bus is absurdly late and it’s eating into valuable cycling time :frowning:


really really


I have to go for a nap. I’m absolutely beat after not sleeping properly. Hate napping but it’s necessary.




Going out for :pizza: and :beers: also meeting the TVs parents for the first time :grimacing: :upside_down_face:


Sweet, I’m you’ll have a blast. Go get em tiger :+1:


Cheers pal, Hope the car gets fixed soon and doesn’t cost :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:


good luck, m_w_t! :+1:


Just having one pint by myself… to wet my whistle :sweat_smile:


get steaming come on man let’s go


About to see Dunkirk in glorious 70mm


pfft my TV at home is 40"

Things people regularly say to you that you're quite frankly SICK OF

AA have been and sorted me out, outstanding service.
To reward myself a note importantly to toaster AA I am off for a beer


In a dingy pub drinking Guinness and reading my book. Waiting for my friends to get here for a fringe show


Just had a Five Guys bacon burger and a banana milkshake. It was pretty good for a kids club meal.


Watching Sophia the first: the floating palace. Then pizza then pub.

My niece has done me twice already today
Me: Did you see the horse?
Niece: I always see the horse

Me: You make a right mess, why don’t you tidy up?
Niece: Cos me don’t.


Awful. Can’t wait to hand in my notice next week and get out of the country for a while.


Pretty boring day. Dropped some camping bobbins back at my parents and that’s been about the sum total of my day. Currently waiting for plasticn and plasticm to arrive then :pizza: and :beer:. And they’ve arrived.