Thursday evening thread


It’s been a long 4 months but we finally got the keys to beard house today :+1: Massive weight off the shoulders, not gonna lie. En route to the boozer for the rest of the evening I reckon. How’re we all doing?


Hullo jezza. Just left work and very glad tomorrow is my last day. Might drink one beer tonight. Will probably do very little otherwise, might have a bath.


Congrats J_I! Looks properly gorgeous.

No plans tonight, will probably end up watching 30 Rock and eating pasta.

Need to book somewhere to stay for when I see Brand New in London and want to get somewhere relatively nice as it’ll be my birthday (any suggestions welcome LME, gig’s at Brixton Academy).


Congratulations J_I

Met @twentynine for an unplanned DiS Winch meet. Now off to my parents for beer and pizzer


Just realised i’m on the wrong train :frog:


Congratulations @Jeremys_Onion
Good dooring


Congratulations. Looks fit


Check out this duck ffs


Looks proppa shit m9.

congrats looks like a dream


Can’t think of any decent hotels in the area I’m afraid. I mean there’s a brand new (hhahahaahhha) Premier Inn in Brixton but…well, don’t know if they’re any good. I should Air BnB it maybe? Probably loads of those. Or The Half Moon in Herne Hill has rooms now after a recent refurb (about 10mins away in a smash). Not been there but a mate said it looked nice.


Oof that looks well nice, cheers!


Hiya :wave:

When’s the DiS house warming?? :wink: looks beautiful JI. I might just move in. Nope, you have no say in the matter.

I’m currently lying on the sofa. I cannot be ducked (that ones for you @jordan_229 ) going out tonight. My shoulder still really hurts and all I want to do is sit in my pants, drink beer and eat pizza. Bf has a friend coming round and they’re going to make lots of metal noises so it’s probably for the best I go out but moanmoanmoanmoan.


It’s a Mandarin Duck.

Their diet consists of mainly small oranges.


nothing to live for really.

oh well!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus has just announced she has breast cancer :cry:


Oh man :sleepy:


Congrats, @Jeremys_Iron!
We had our struccy survey today - awaiting the results.
I’m sat in a rather trendy hotel in that Paris sipping some complimentary wine before going out for dinner with my colleagues.


Well done J_I!

I’m back in the home town. My god it’s local round here :sweat_smile:


Oh no :frowning:


one of the best from doors I’ve ever seen. nice work man!