Thursday Evening Thread

Alright? It’s 6pm so it’s offically evening time. I’m sat in a cafe waiting for the rush traffic to die down before I drive home, and I’m sat next to three men having a loud discussion about the Grand Lodge - thought they were meant to be really secretive? :thinking:

What are you up to DiS? What’s for dinner? I keep thinking it’s friday but it’s clearly not. :disappointed_relieved:

Guess I’ll just talk to myself this evening…

Going for table pizza!!!


Evening :wave:. Yes, you should most definitely watch both Bill and Teds.

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Also, hello evening dwellers of DiS. Had a good, positive day at work today. Well happy.


Going to take a few more people this time?

Nope, there’s a reason I’m fat

Pizza monster.


Yep. I love table :pizza:

Take a pic from above please and post it, you won’t look like a nob at all.

You calling me a nob?

No :woman_shrugging:

I have a picture from our last visit. I don’t need another one.

You’d have been accurate if you were calling me a nob though

Got another hour of work to do, but that’s mainly because I went climbing in the middle of the day. Then packing for a week in our India office.

Evurrrnin @laelfy @rich-t @ghostpony @dillingerswheelman

Just played football for the first time since November felt a bit sick, played pretty well, scored some goals but no golazooos.

Stir fry for tea. But just had some lidl dark chocolate with chili and it’s actually pretty spicy.

Gonna finish my book before starting to cook tea.

Just booked tickets to the first showing of Phantom Thread tomorrow and pretty excited. Good excuse to make sure I get out of work at 3 too.

Might watch there will be blood tonight.

Have you been to India before?


I have nothing to add.


Pretended to be sting for 10 minutes with my student, which he found hilarious ofc.


Yes, spent a week in my previous company’s New Delhi office. This time it’s Pune. But not done a proper holiday there.

M9 I think the whole thing about tantric sex is it’s supposed to go on for days. Better luck next time.