Thursday Evening Thread


what’s up y’all? what’s for eating? what’s for doing?

i have no plans. ate scrambled egg and avo on toast and some crisps.

thank god there’s only one day left before weekend.

tell me your news.


Had Thai green curry. It was… fine.

I am now going to spend half an hour agonising over the best use of my remaining 300 calories for the day.


My 4yo is doing absolutely mental drawings right now

I’m doing nothing but watching in awe


I was about to do dinner but someone’s just gone in the kitchen.

My room is directly below the kitchen and they sound like they’re tap dancing.


Alright GP

Leftover lasagna and salad for tea. Peppermint tea to drink and bed around 9.


On the bus home, gonna pick up some tins, eat some cuzzer, watch masterchef, watch a dumb action movie and go to bed. Pretty decent. Really hope tomorrow will be the day where I stop feeling wrecked from being in nightshift mode.



I’ve got a ponytail today


You didnt pick them up from the side of a motorway, did you?


pics or it didn’t happen


I’m failing to get this reference


Very crap silent hill reference tbf




Hiya. Gonna make some peanut butter noodles


i think you mean noddles


Not finished yet apparently, gonna continue tomorrow


Left the flat over an hour ago to pick up stuff for dinner.
I detoured via two pubs, I have yet to buy any food.
After this beer I’ll go buy some food…and some wine.


Working till late, getting paid to watch IPL. Can’t moan much.

Need to change my innertube when I get back. CBA. Really in weekend mode already.


Found out today that an ice cream van stops very close to our gaff. One of the happiest days of my life.


One of my favourite Tim Burton films.


Shit yes I do