Thursday evening thread


I’m still ill and in bed

Can’t be fucked to go to work tomorrow or wfh

Haven’t had any dinner

Entertain me please



Hello! I’m having a cocktail while I wait for my bf to arrive for dinner. Extremely excited and for once haven’t studied thw menu cause I know it’s vegan :strawberry::avocado::mushroom:

I reckon I would love to be a bartender in a classy place.


What kinda cocktail you got?


Hi GP, get well soon! At least it’s nearly the weekend :slight_smile:

Hometime now.


There’s more to be said for being a bartender in a very unclassy place in my experience.


hello ghostpony,

I am going to eat some curry and watch a film or two, same as yesterday

here’s an annoying, but boring, thing: ages ago I bought a really good spice mix from a shop close to me, but I can’t remember where from. all the shops I’ve searched don’t have it, and I threw out the packet so I can’t even look it up on the line


Waiting for some assorted oven based tea items to cook (cauliflower cheese grills, mac and cheese bites, L-Mac sausages, thanks for asking) to use up some freezer stuff. Woman from the letting agent came over and reckons we’ll get more than we thought for renting our flat out. Should be moved (again) within three weeks, and then I can shut the fuck up about it.


Making Linda McCartney burgers and chips, nothing on this evening.

Should have gone to yoga but decided to stay home and lounge instead, almost immediately got aching shoulders and back. Might go twice next week to make it up to them…


I prefer my cauliflower cheese steamed


Three weeks is bearable, right?


ruffers puts cauliflower in the toaster!!




Proper j mascis lookalike in the bar I’m at, guys


Evening gp, still at the airport, still got two hours to wait for my plane. Eating a very uninspiring dinner. Going to go try on every single perfume in duty free.


JFC! (Nice edit btw)


Spanish autocorrect yields some interesting results


Absolutely, especially as we have a place to move into all ready to go in a really peaceful, quiet countryside village and I’ve got a job interview tomorrow. We’re both pretty overwhelmingly relived more than anything.


Camapri with lots of other things


Millhouse eats Vaseline on toast


Now having a glass of prosecco on my tab

Idk why but my idea of relaxing is showing up an hour early for dinner and standing at the bar in high heels getting drunk and going on my phone.